At one glance: a summary of our services



The idea of our company combines high demands of flexibility,
quality and consideration regarding the demands of our clients.

We always manufacture our articles for the client in close cooperation with the client.

Bend welding and spot welding with wires from 1.0 - 3.5 mm in diameter, in certain cases also up to 10.0 mm or more in diameter.

Wire racks, wire baskets, wire grids e.g. for decoration purposes or for shelves and racks, development of products according to personal demands of clients

Wire bending from 1.0 - 3.5 mm in diameter, length to 2,000 mm, soon also larger diameters

Production of samples (single products), custom made products and large scale production

Predominantly, we manufacture on request, after a sketch or a drawing. As a rule we use steel wire, in certain cases also stainless steel and aluminium for the production.

For the refinement of the surface, like plastic coating, galvanizing, hot-galvanizing etc. , trustworthy co-operation partners are available.

Articles of bend and spot welding can be manufactured in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional planes.

The production of individual items, samples, small and large series is possible.