The Krumbiegel company was founded as early as 1806 in Freital near Dresden. In the 1930s, the simple crafting company was turned into a manufacture for wire articles. After the war, the manufacture was reopened; it later stayed in private possession in East Germany. We already manufactured in the post-war era for companies like Roventa, AEG and Pentacon.


Through personal involvement, a new clientele and a wide range of products the company was able to survive the time after the Berlin wall had come down and could prosper.

Our current variety of products ranges from standard articles, required by well-known companies such as MuZ in the serial production or their motorbikes, to special articles that are sold throughout the whole world by our company.

  We are proud to be able to look back at a long tradition and we have had experience with working with metal and wire products for nearly 200 years. Because of that, we can perform your tasks individually and with quality.